Ringleader Editing

July 15, 2012

Ringleader Editing is the concept for a business where customers submit short pieces in need of professional editing for a flat fee (up to a certain word count). The target market for the service are businesses who need some professional polish for marketing materials, sales emails, professional blogs and other web 2.0 content marketing, etc. but don’t want to keep a copywriter or editor on staff. The founder also intended to offer web 2.0 and PR consulting services, in addition to quoting larger editing projects.

I had a lot of control over the branding and art direction on this project. I came up with the name, Ringleader Editing, and the tag line, Master the Content Circus—the concept being that the world of web 2.0 content marketing and PR in a web 2.0 world is a lot like a circus, with many wild and crazy moving parts. Yet, the strange, exotic, thrilling, and often dangerous elements are curated under the direction of the ringleader into an entertaining and memorable experience for the audience.

Similarly, a good editor makes words perform. From the concept of a circus as a basis for the branding imagery, I started illustrating a homepage template with the visual tropes of a circus wagon as my inspiration (but much more subtle and modern). The compromise I struck between the visual concepts associated with circuses and those associated with editing took the form of a kind of stark, newspaper-like look and feel, with the visual bones of circus imagery.

Within this visual environment, the central R emblem is set off like a jewel, the star of the visual show, which fits in with the circus wagon concept, but can also be separated from the context of the homepage to stand alone as a badge or app logo, or to be used anywhere in the web 2.0 world where an icon is needed.

The project is currently on hold while funding is being sought.



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