Newton’s Head

September 15, 2009

The client on this project had a vision of a clean, sophisticated look for a website where users could sell their used Apple products. For the concept images, he wanted a minimalist appearance similar to the Apple website, but with a little punch of personality. The original design of the site’s user experience was meant to guide the seller in a very intuitive and linear way through the process of selling their used Apples.

The visual identity of the company has changed over time, but the basic progression of the user experience I designed for is still relatively the same. The user chooses one of six categories from the homepage, is asked to pick the specific item they have to sell from the products within that category, then state the condition of the item. At the end of this process, the user receives a generated offer, which they can accept or reject.

The graphic flow of the site as represented below is dominated by a light, airy quality. I let the design and photography of the Apple products themselves guide the rhythm and spacing of the layout.

NewtonsHead HomepageSTROKE

NewtonsHead PhonesSTROKE

NewtonsHead ConditionsSTROKE


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