Modular Digital Casino Promotion

June 15, 2010

I designed the Modular Digital Casino Promotion to address some very specific needs for a start-up promotional marketing firm in Dallas. The structure and design of the unit is theatrical, attracting attention even in the visually competitive environment of a casino, while drastically undercutting the cost of production/shipping the firm was spending on promotions of comparable scope. Additionally, the entire promotion can be changed in the field by changing the graphic wrapping on the exterior of the unit, and sending new content to the client property electronically.

The unit is made from panels of bent or flat PVC sheeting of various thicknesses. Panels I – VII are assembled as pictured below. Panels I and III each have three surface planes at right angles, and make up the two sides of the structure, and Panel VII is a collection of three panels that are attached with velcro to the main unit. They provide access to the electrical equipment set up inside that runs an interactive digital experience on a television mounted inside the structure.

(A) PVC strips.
(B) Velcro strips.
(C) Graphic surface.
(D) Graphic floor mat.
(E) Flexible PVC panel provides coverage for the top of the unit.
(F) Joint strip for PVC panels.
(G) 82 in. DLP television.
(H) Interior shelf creates a surface for the television and other electrical equipment.
(I) PVC “beams” are fused to the inside of the structure so that a supportive ledge is created to support the interior shelf.


(J) Custom fabricated, Old West dynamite detonator. When the player pushes down on the detonator handle, it triggers an explosion animation in the gold-mine themed game on the screen.
(K) A metal spring returns the detonator handle to the original position after use.
(L) An industrial strength button is wired to the interior electronics and triggers animation events in the promotional game when the detonator handle strikes it.
(M) The support structure brings the input device to an ergonomic height for ease of use.

Although it’s modular, the design process of promotions utilizing this unit required close collaboration with game programmers, animation artists, and fabricators to achieve consistency—within the imagery as well as within the overall user experience.


Below is a clip from the intro sequence of the Cha Ching KaBoom promotional game.


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