Loren Mozley: Structural Integrity

February 15, 2013

While interning in the exhibition design department at the Dallas Museum of Art, I was given an upcoming show to design from beginning to end. The Director of Exhibition Design took me through the basics of Vectorworks (a CAD program), where I re-created the construction dimensions of the gallery, and produced detailed elevations.

I managed a collaborative process that guided group consensus on the construction plans, layout of artworks, environmental treatments, and graphic identity of the show by using digital and physical modeling techniques to communicate design concepts to the Curator of American Art and the exhibitions staff.

Loren Mozley: Structural Integrity ran from February 17 – June 30, 2013 at the Dallas Museum of Art.


01 EntranceTitleBox


02 OuterGallery

03 OuterGallery2

04 PeerWall

05 InnerGalleryLeft

06 InnerGalleryBack

07 InnerGalleryRight

08 InnerGalleryRightLast

Mozley_GalleryLayout View/Download Full PDF

Mozley_ArtworkLayout View/Download Full PDF

Mozley_Paint  View/Download Full PDF


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