Interactive Casino Game Board

June 14, 2010

I designed the Interactive Casino Game Board as a more buffed up version of what is usually a one-dimensional side show in the world of casino promotions. The game board is made from light weight foam board and has a stabilizing triangular footprint that allows for detailed, rich graphic imagery on all three sides.


(A) Graphics cover posterior surfaces, in addition to the front surface.
(B) Graphic surface.
(C) Interior foam core support beams.
(D) The front panel is scored so that it folds flat for shipping.
(E) The triangular footprint allows the unit to stand independently.
(F) The folding back panel attaches to the front panel with velcro strips.
(G) Graphic floor mat.


This particular design represents an envelope-draw game. The player must draw four sealed, tamper proof envelopes from the board in a particular order or combination to win a grand prize (the envelopes typically contain printed dollar amounts or other prizes). If the correct combination is not drawn, the player usually wins the individual prizes in the envelopes they drew from the board. The purple tulip shapes on the front panel have small document holders mounted between the tulip cut-outs and the board, which hold the game envelopes.


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