Coffee Haus Downtown Boutique

June 15, 2008

I designed this flyer and postcard set for a client who was opening a boutique retail space inside a local coffee shop in downtown Arlington. I used the motif of a line traveling at right angles to promote a multi-layered narrative within the imagery—to reflect the grid pattern of the streets downtown where the coffee shop was located, to suggest a sort of progression or journey by which the objects (which were all handmade) had been “discovered” by my client, and to suggest that they had been curated for her potential customers to discover also. The motif also served to visually link the otherwise unrelated retail objects in the design.




For the front of the postcard, I reiterated the graphic style of the flyer with a more limited showing of the products available in the shop. On the back side, the client wanted to advertise one of her other business ventures—her own handmade bag business. I used the same motif, but used a dashed line at a reduced weight—reminiscent of permission slips or other pieces of paperwork that indicate with an icon of a pair of scissors that you are supposed to “cut along the dotted line.” The dashed line motif was also a reference to the name of her business, Cut Out And Collect.


Postcard Double


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